Brothers - a word from legendary guitarist and educator Jon Damian:

"The opening tune by the “Brothers Rosen” My Old Friend is filled with sweetness and love, as for an old friend for an old friend who together Set Sail in this CD moving through various seas of sounds building effectively and creatively. Quite an array of colors and feelings throughout and masterfully played. Bravissimos!!"

Boston Globe Sunday Arts pick

Brothers in music if not in blood, the two Rosens, Josh (piano) and Ralph (percussion/harmonica), both respected performer/composers on the Boston scene, celebrate the release of their kaleidoscopic new recording “Brothers,” which inventively incorporates elements of jazz, blues, folk rock, and more. With bassist Bob Nieske and guitarist Ben Knorr. Nov. 20, 7 p.m. Lily Pad, Cambridge -Kevin Lowenthal